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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Naughty Principal

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One day four friend was Roaming into the car, they were drunken,
and the very next day there was exam. On next day,
however they manage reach to the college and meet to their principal,
they told to him that last night they was in their friend’s
marriage party & when they was coming back from party, car’s wheels was blasted and
therefore they reach to their morning and when we wake up it was to late to come in exam.

After listening the whole matter principal told then its okay i will set new exam for
only you four student, come on tomorrow. Next day they came to college, principal set
them into the four different room with the same question paper:
the question was

(1). The car’s which wheel was blasted?
(A). Front right
(B). Front Left
(C). Back right
(D). Back Left

The all four were proven to have been liars .

Major and soldier


where is god ???


“4 are out!”, “8 are going to be out soon.”!!!!!

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Once a man’s wife gets pregnant and is rushed to a hospital.
Unfortunately, the man was out of the city , when he got a call from the doctor to inform him about his wife. He hung up but unfortunately he didnt know how to redail, so he tried to remember the number and called, the number was incorrect and went to an umpires phone(a man who keeps the score of a cricket match like a referee) The man asked the umpire not knowing who was on the other line and said: “What is the condition?”, The umpire replied, “4 are out!”, “8 are going to be out soon.”

What is STUDY?

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So STUDY well

Oh god I have to STUDY more!

Friday, November 25, 2011

It Happens Only In India !!! part 9 - funny notice boards


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It Happens Only In India !!! part 8 - unity

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It Happens Only In India !!! part 7

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india train

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Drunkken snake charmer (പാമ്പായ പാമ്പാട്ടി )

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Drunkken snake charmer (പാമ്പായ പാമ്പാട്ടി )

Monday, November 21, 2011

Free Tricks to get more traffic to your blog or website trough Google search engine


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Here I would like to share some useful knowladge about how to get more traffic to your blog or website trough Google search engine.I got this tips from http://metataginformationblog.blogspot.com so I like to to say thanks to them.

Learn how to improve your blog!

This Blog offers you basic tutorials on how to improve your blog quality, search engine rankings and how to get more visitors. You have to note that optimization for search engines is long process that take lot of time and effort,but your website or blog will show some amazing results over time.

Using descriptive names and alt tags when you put images on your web page or in post is very important.It can get your web site better overall ranking because of extra keywords in the description and name of picture.so if you have a gaming blog/web site and you put picture of action game on it it would be best that you name it action-game.jpg instead of DSC3456.jpg.This way you can get extra traffic trough Google Image search.

Since robots cannot read images they rely on name and alt tag and text around image to get idea what is displayed in image.If you put good relevant description in images,your images will rank better in image search and your blog overall ranking in search results will improve.

Example of using alt tag(HTML):

Proper use of anchor text can be hard to coordinate,when you link your web page from another page on your website make sure you put anchor text that best describes it,it's hard to explain so i will show you on example(HTML example):

This would be ok:

In this good case our example page would be linked with keyword "Action Game" which will give it overall better ranking in search engine results,while in the wrong case our example page would be linked with keyword "Click Here" which would be useless to improve your ranking.

Check code all code before publish
If there is something wrong in your code(even if site looks normal) it can make robots unable to crawl it correctly. So you might want to verify that your web site code is correct at W3C Validator.

Most important factor on your website must be your content,having a quality blog or website means providing your visitors fresh and unique content that is relevant to your choosen subject,because content is king.If you have quality content it is more likely someone will link to you,getting you traffic,better page rank,more visitors and more important blog/web site.

Quality content = more visitors = more natural backilinks = better pagerank = better ranking

Interlinking your pages means that you have to set up navigation on your web site correctly so any web page on your web site can be accessed from any other page.This is important so users as well as robots can reach every signle web page on your web site.

Unique content is very important,if you have indetical content on different web pages you can even get penalty for duplicate content,so keep that in mind!

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Kerala government archeological department -fun picture

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Kerala government archeological department -fun picture

software engineers life (fun pictures)

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